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The adventure has only just begun at the HOTEL BRISTOL GENÈVE!

Why not enjoy a taste of la dolce vita in Geneva, with the best places and insider tips from the HOTEL BRISTOL GENÈVE...

Geneva is bathed by Lake Geneva, offering breathtaking panoramas. Enjoy a peaceful cruise on the sparkling waters of the lake or stroll along the quays to admire the majestic Alps in the background. Lush parks such as Parc La Bâtie and Jardin Anglais offer peaceful havens in the heart of the city.

Immerse yourself inGeneva's rich history by visiting its renowned museums, such as the Musée d'Art et d'Histoire or the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum. Soak up the local culture as you stroll through the picturesque streets of Old Geneva, where medieval architecture blends harmoniously with modern life.

Immerse yourself inGeneva's cultural effervescence by consulting our events calendar. Festivals, concerts, entertainment and artistic events, the city offers a wide and dynamic range of activities that are sure to captivate you.

After a busy day exploring the charms of Geneva, return to the comfort and luxury of our hotel. Take advantage of our wellness facilities, elegant rooms and attentive service to recharge your batteries.

We look forward to welcoming you to Geneva and making your stay an unforgettable experience of inspiration and discovery.

Upcoming events

  • Festival Antigel

    What's Antigel? Since 2011, Antigel has sought to reflect the times by programming famous and emerging artists, to showcase venues by transforming them for an evening or a day, and to promote the Canton of Geneva in all its forms.
    When? February 1 to 24, 2024
    Where? Various venues in the city of Geneva.

  • Kagami

    What's on? A concert by the Paris Taiko Ensemble. The essence of the Paris Taiko Ensemble concert is symmetry and balance as in a mirror (Kagami). This quest for balance in taiko is reflected in the compositions as well as in the playing technique through synchronized movements.
    When ? February 27, 2024
    Where ? Centre des arts, International School of Geneva

  • Fondue by TukTuk

    What's new? Welo invites you on a gourmet adventure. Our TukTuk awaits you for a fondue ride through the charming streets of Geneva.
    When? October 16, 2023 to February 29, 2024
    Where? In the city of Geneva

  • Outdoor Escape Game

    What? With family or friends, go on an adventure with your favorite team and unravel the many mysteries of the Old Town!
    When? Until February 29, 204
    Where? Open-air Escape Game in the Old Town

  • Outdoor Escape Game

    What? With family or friends, go on an adventure with your favorite team and unravel the many mysteries of Bastions Park!
    When? Until February 29, 204
    Where? Outdoor Escape Game in Bastions Park

  • Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, Vive les vents!

    What is it? It's going to be a wild ride at Victoria Hall! A rare event: instruments from the woodwind, brass and percussion families take center stage in an eclectic and explosive program, under the baton of the very young English conductor Adam Hickox.
    When ? March 3, 2024
    Where ? Victoria Hall

  • Idomeneo by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    What's new? Last performed at the Grand Théâtre de Genève in 2003-2004. New production in coproduction with Dutch National Opera Amsterdam and Théâtres de la ville de Luxembourg
    When? February 21 - March 2, 2024
    Where? Grand Théâtre de Genève

  • Spring concert: Mendelssohn / Copland

    What's new? The Orchestre des Nations invites you to its spring concert on Saturday March 9 at 8 pm at the Victoria Hall. Music by Mendelssohn and Copland.
    When? March 7, 2024
    Where? Victoria Hall

  • Book fair

    What? The Geneva Book Fair returns to Palexpo from March 6 to 10, with three guests of honor and a celebration of cinema!
    When? March 6-10, 2024
    Where? Palexpo

  • The Nutcracker

    What? International Classical Ballet of Ukraine
    When? December 9, 2023 to March 10, 2024
    Where? Théâtre du Léman

  • Groove 'n' move

    What? Urban dance festival
    When? From March 7 to 17, 2024
    Where? Various venues in the city of Geneva


    What? 5 evenings of jazz and improvised music double-concerts, and much more!
    When? March 20-24
    Where? AMR / Sud des Alpes

  • Festival International Vive la Magie

    What? For its 16th edition, VIVE LA MAGIE, Europe's largest festival of the magical arts, returns to fill you with wonder!
    When? March 30, 2024
    Where? Théâtre du Léman

  • Apérovisites

    What's new? Because we love the Grand Théâtre in afterwork mode, we're introducing something new this season. A hybrid formula between the traditional Guided Tour and the Apéropéra: it's the Apérovisite.
    When? October 12, 2023 to April 11, 2024
    Where? Grand Théâtre de Genève

  • Le Réveil des Archives sonores #23

    What's on? For an hour-and-a-half set, guest artists take us on a musical journey with their own personal selections. Foyer. Thursday, April 18, 6:30pm-8pm.
    When? April 18, 2024
    Where? Musée d'ethnographie de Genève (MEG)

  • Discovering the Salève

    What? After taking the cable car to the top of the Salève, you'll walk along its broad ridge to discover some of its sights,
    When? April 20, 2024
    Where? Salève

  • Dance Festival

    What's on? The Fête de la Danse de Genève in 2024 unfurls along the Rhone, featuring performances and demonstrations here and there throughout the week, as well as moments of festive group dance! For grown-ups and KIDS alike.
    When? April 30 - May 5, 2024
    Where? Along the Rhône

  • Chocolate Mysteries

    What's new? Open-air Escape game with chocolate tasting.These original courses are designed to introduce children to history and culture in a fun way, while stimulating their creative, logical and mathematical minds.
    When? Until May 18, 2024
    Where? Carouge

  • Tudors trilogy

    What's a trilogy? A trilogy is an opportunity to tell a story in several episodes. Here, it's also an opportunity to find common ground between the characters, to get to know them up close and personal, to grow up and grow old with them, at least for those who don't get beheaded along the way.
    When? June 18-30, 2024
    Where? Grand Théâtre de Genève

  • Crimes and evil spells in Geneva" guided tour

    What's new? Under the Ancien Régime, Geneva was steeped in crime and repression. This unusual walk, in which you are the actor, takes you on a journey through Geneva's darkest hours.
    When? March 18 to August 18, 2024
    Where? In the city of Geneva

  • Choco Pass

    What? Visit Geneva at your own pace and push open the doors of Geneva's finest chocolate makers to sample some of their tastiest specialities.
    When? All year round
    Where? In the city of Geneva

Enjoy the autumn in Geneva...

Autumn is the ideal time to discover a different Geneva, from which the summer crowds have moved away. Gradually yellow and brown replace green in the trees, bringing a certain serenity to the city's parks.

Discover Geneva in Spring

The long winter months are drawing to a close and spring is making way. It's time to soak up the sun and get out into the fresh air. Close to nature and offering a thousand and one activities, Geneva has no shortage of assets to attract visitors.

Guided tour with a Bristol ambassador

"A regular customer since 1999 and a frequent traveller in hotels of the same category, I have been able to observe the quality of the services provided by the Bristol, worthy of a 5* hotel but with something extra, a family atmosphere: you feel at home!

Exploring Lake Geneva

Over 70 kilometres long, Lake Geneva is the largest freshwater lake in Western Europe. It's perfect for swimming as well as discovering its many beaches, and you'll find all manner of aquatic adventures: sailing, water skiing and stand up paddle boarding, to name a few.