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Upcoming events

  • Festival Plein-les-Watts

    What? Reggae music festival
    When? 14 to 17 July
    Where? Lancy

  • La Tour Geneva Triathlon

    What? Running, swimming, cycling
    When? 16-17 July
    Where? In the heart of Geneva's harbour

  • National Day

    What? Events in the city of Geneva and in the municipalities
    When? 1 August
    Where? Venue TBC

  • Pregny Alp festival

    What? Swiss traditional music festival
    When? 13 August
    Where? Pregny Chambésy

  • Jazz on the Beach Festival

    What? Jazz music festival
    When ? 12 and 13 August
    Where ? Hermance

  • CineTransat

    What? Open-air screenings, entertainment, picnics and grills
    When? 14 July - 21 August
    Where? Parc de la Perle du Lac

  • Les Aubes (formerly Les Aubes musicales)

    What? Free open-air world music concerts with a magnificent sunrise as a backdrop
    When? 24 July to 21 August
    Where? Bains des Pâquis

  • Summer Music

    What? Various open-air concerts (free and paying)
    When ? 1 July to 26 August
    Where ? Ella Fitzgerald stage, Parc de la Grange (TBC)

  • Orangery Theatre

    What? Plays, young audience, concerts, workshops, vegetable gardens
    When? Mid-June to early September
    Where? Théâtre de l'Orangerie, Parc de la Grange

  • Geneva Street Food festival

    What? Festival of world cuisine
    When? 1 to 4 September
    Where? English Garden

  • La Bâtie festival in Geneva

    What? Multi-purpose festival: theatre, dance, concerts etc
    When? 26 August to 11 September
    Where? Various venues in Geneva

  • Sculpture Garden

    What? Free outdoor sculpture exhibition
    When? 10 June to 30 September
    Where? Parc des Eaux-Vives, Parc de la Grange, Quai Gustave Ador, Plage des Eaux-Vives

  • Electron festival

    What? Electronic culture, exhibition, DJ sets, performances
    When? In 3 parts between 28 April and 15 October
    Where? Various locations in Geneva

A very talented decorator

Annie Zéau belongs to the envied caste of talented French decorators. Simple yet dedicated, she has taken it upon herself to create a new atmosphere of luxury and elegance, sober and sophisticated at the same time.