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The Bristol is committed to the environment

Reconciling environmental requirements and quality of service is possible; here are the 1000 gestures of the Hotel Bristol Geneva to preserve the environment and thus leave a more beautiful planet to our children.

Since its purchase by the du Boisrouvray family in 1972, owner Albina du Boisrouvray has always been concerned with preserving the energy resources necessary for the Bristol's activity and limiting environmental discharges to a minimum. Preserving the planet is one of the family's main values and a major focus of their actions.

Here are the actions taken to limit our impact on the planet:

As far as energy is concerned, all the light bulbs in the façade and in the hotel have been completely replaced by LEDs, which consume much less energy.

Ventilation, heating and air conditioning are automatically switched off when windows are opened. In addition, the rooms are double-glazed and the bar, restaurant and lobby are triple-glazed to improve the thermal insulation of the building.

To reduce water use, customers are asked not to use laundry unnecessarily, thus reducing the frequency of cleaning. In turn, the partner laundry is committed to making savings in its use of water and energy.

The showers and bathtubs in the bathrooms have been fitted with flow regulators.

The staff have access to water fountains connected to the city's natural water network, which guarantees better hygiene, fresh water all year round and, above all, 148 times less greenhouse gas emissions than water bottles.

In the field of transport, all customers are offered free access to the Geneva Public Transport network in order to limit the use of polluting vehicles.

In terms of waste reduction, paper and cardboard packaging, newspapers and magazines and ink cartridges are systematically recycled, as is glass and electrical and electronic equipment.

Electronic archiving of documents is preferred. Used batteries are collected for recycling and plastic objects for use unique have been eliminated.

In the kitchen , cooking oil and grease are collected for recycling, as well as raw and cooked vegetable waste.

On the subject of green purchasing, the Bristol has installed organic carpeting that meets the "Green label" manufacturing standards and is fully recyclable after use.

Molton Brown's non-animal tested glass dispensers for hospitality products are part of the European Union's Green Deal ambition to become climate neutral by 2050.

All rooms as well as the restaurant and kitchen are cleaned with European Ecolabel, Nordic Ecolabel and ISO 14 001 products.

The Hotel Bristol Geneva is also committed to theFXB International Association, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that has been fighting extreme poverty since 1989.
In total, more than 18 million adults and children have benefited from its development programmes, in line with the sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda.

Thus, the Hotel Bristol Geneva puts all the means at its disposal at the service of the well-being of people and the preservation of the planet.