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A coat of arms front and centre of the Bristol Geneva

With the unveiling of the new Unique! rooms comes the launch of a new logo and website with a brand identity consistent with the hotel's new positioning: luxurious, intimate, unique.

A family lineage of over 500 years

The first texts attesting to the existence of the Jacquelot line from which the current owners of the Hôtel Bristol Geneva descend date back to the end of the 15th century in Anjou. The lineage begins in 1504 with Julien Jacquelot who paid homage to the monks of the abbey of Saint-Denis d'Anjou in France in the current department of Mayenne in the Pays de la Loire region.

According to the family tree drawn up in April 1935, the family line includes three mitred abbots, a councillor at the Parliament of Paris, two councillors at the Presidial (court) of Angers, eight councillors at the Parliament of Brittany, a general, and a clerk at the Estates of Brittany, the regional assembly representing the clergy, the nobility and the Third Estate.

Owner family tree

A prestigious coat of arms

The coat of arms was used by knights in the Middle Ages and symbolised one of the main signs of recognition of a noble family such as the Jacquelot family. The coat of arms represents two greyhounds (the dog embodies one of the exclusive privileges of the nobility: hunting) which symbolise the instinct of guarding, vigilance, loyalty, obedience and gratitude.

The two right hands facing each other (palms facing) illustrate the liberal spirit.

The crown is an emblem of sovereignty and indicates a noble title, in this case count. It means that the owner of the crown guarantees power and protection.

The motto In te speravi (domine) translates as "In you I have set my hope, (Lord)".

Creating the logo


The old logo consisted of two intertwined letters, as is common practice in large international hotels.

The idea behind the new logo was to emphasise the modernity of the place, meeting the expectations of a demanding clientele, while at the same time asserting its rich past and ancestral heritage.

The graphic approach consisted in taking inspiration from the new identity of the Hôtel Bristol Geneva – luxurious, intimate, unique – to design a logo that sets a new, more modern standard.

The logo highlights:

  • The ancestral character and the roots of a prestigious family lineage in a place steeped in history, a symbol of culture and tradition.
  • The hotel's upmarket positioning.
  • The brand's modern image in line with the expectations of the times and in keeping with the renovation work undertaken by a renowned French designer.

The family coat of arms formed the basis for a new logo that is both forward-looking and firmly rooted in the past.

This positioning underlines the specificity and uniqueness of the Hôtel Bristol Geneva, combining a centuries-old tradition with a modern and prestigious hotel experience.

The goal is to be seen and recognised as a key player in luxury hospitality in the Geneva region. To this end, the logo adheres to the graphic codes of the high-end hotel industry: Monogram / Name of the hotel / Location.

Today, the hotel's coat of arms expresses values that none other can appropriate. The new logo is now a strong marker of the new identity of the Hôtel Bristol Geneva.